Innovation as a Service!
New digital businesses in 100 days.

What we do

We build digital business models for our clients in a portfolio strategy and deliver dedicated teams that will become a
central part of the future organization.
We do not only look after our clients on a project-by-project basis over a short period of time, but also over several years.

What we do

We combine the dynamics of startups
with the strength and positioning of
established major companies.

Why we do it

How we do it

The promise of creating new businesses within 100 days is secured by GTD's established culture and working methods. We guarantee your complete ownership of the digital businesses.

Track record

So far, we have come up with 3 funded products for our client, one major German utility player, in record time. We do this, because we love what we do. Together as a team.

About us

At our core, we have 80+ years of digital expertise, enabling millions of digital revenue. With our work we want to contribute, make an impact and turn startups into successful businesses.