Introducing Innovation As A Service builds digital businesses in an experimental environment.
Ideas get tested and validated, winning models scaled jointly with our corporate clients – delivering high-growth digital assets.

Beyond Digital Transformation

We are not consultants.
We don’t deliver just a strategy paper.
We are not an agency delivering a project.
We are not only a specialized headhunting firm.
We build validated digital businesses and deliver dedicated teams that become a central part of your future organization.

M&A is not a solution.

M&A instantly boost revenue, technology access and EBIT. But acquiring companies in the market is expensive and acquisitions suffer from “not built here” syndrome. Many Acquisitions fail or don’t deliver sustainable value.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers„Average EBITDA multiples across the top 25 technology companies 2013: 11.3x“
Source: PriceWaterhouseCoopers

TechCrunch„The average successful startup raises $31M, exits at $242.9M (2013)“
Source: TechCrunch

New digital businesses in 100 days

Jointly, we identify opportunities through a unique data driven process. We then test, validate and build a portfolio of future core business for you with a Team of digital and industry experts in a long-term partnership with you and your team.

We guarantee your complete ownership of the digital businesses.

Human capital.

At our core, we have 80+ years of digital expertise, enabling billions of digital revenue.

Our network of entrepreneurs, digital natives, graduates and experts build the basis for your future success.

Ludwig Preller



Marianne Palma Calderón



Dritan Mulla

Technical Product Management


Maria Deger

Executive Assistant,
Customer Relations


Philipp Freytag von Loringhoven

Business Intelligence &
User Experience


Benjamin Rohé

Co-Founder and COO


Track Record.


  • invested in some of the leading European tech companies.
  • Created companies with significant revenue (2B+ EUR)
  • lecture internationally at universities (including MIT)
  • successfully work with large corporates:
    two-digit million commitment to build first companies.

We do this because we love to build businesses. Together.

Where it all happens.


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