The promise of creating new businesses within 100 days is secured by GTD’s established culture and working methods. Our agile development approach is supplemented with data-based innovation, service design and communication to enable a fast and successful market launch.
The GTD process consists hereby of four main steps, which are ideation, prototyping, startup building and MVP testing.

Jointly we identify opportunities through a unique data driven process. We then test, validate and build a portfolio of future core business for you with a team of digital and industry experts in a long-term partnership with you and your team. We guarantee your complete ownership of the digital businesses.

Continues guidance of the internal process based on market best practice and insights.

We support:

  • Implementation of legal structures, incentive schemes and contractual frameworks with inhouse legal compatible with “startup standards”.
  • Integration of a working financial process to guarantee growth for the new venture but also leaving control of finance in the hand of the corporate.
  • Implementation of our reporting framework that can be adjusted according to corporate needs minimizing efforts / overhead for the management team.
  • Hiring by using our state of the art and proven processes to hire top management from our network of experienced serial entrepreneurs.
  • Tracking & monitoring of the NEWCO Portfolio performance, enabling communication to you as the investor and ensuring collaboration amongst stakeholders


Idea generation

Criteria are jointly defined and ideas and technologies from the client as well as the market are compiled. This is implemented in a long term collaboration with the client and based on an international data-driven market analysis as well as ideation workshops with the expert team supported by a global network of innovation analysts.

Prototype Evaluation

All selected Ideas are evaluated. Upon successful evaluation, prototypes are developed to proof the viability of the selected concepts and guarantee the validity of the concepts business cases. Prototypes that prove to be successful are founded as stand alone startups.


Suitable teams of founders that possess the necessary expertise and experience are selected.
They are then supported by our specialized HR team as well as a strong focus on network hiring. Furthermore, the combination of corporation and startup ensures a high attractiveness on the recruitment market.


Together with the founding team and external knowhow we develop a marketable MVP (minimum viable product), a first functional iteration of the final product.