At our core, we have 80+ years of digital expertise, enabling millions of digital revenue. According to the motto “Innovation as a Service”, we are building startups for our clients using a specially developed “100-day-process”.
The objective of the startup portfolios is to represent the client’s future digital businesses.

We were founded by serial entrepreneurs Ludwig Preller and Benjamin Rohé. Together they are leading a highly specialized team of experts and founders with currently more than 20 employees.

Our network of entrepreneurs, digital natives, graduates and experts build the base of your future success.

Ludwig Preller

CEO, Co-Founder

Benjamin Rohé



are neither an incubator nor consultants.

do not deliver strategy papers.

do not deliver just a project.

do not deliver specification sheets.


build validated digital business models.

deliver highly qualified and involved staff.

deliver initial ideas to the final product.

deliver strategies, talents and implementations.