Our approach to business is to provide “Innovation as a Service” to customers.

We use this model as a philosophical foundation for every company that we create. At its core, Innovation as a Service (IaaS) combines expertise, professional networks and disruptive point of views to build businesses in startup-like speed.

Through a portfolio of new digital businesses we are able to…

  … maximize strategic returns

  … combine corporate and startup culture

  … discover new sources of revenue

  … achieve economies of scope

Our goal is to create a portfolio consisting of new digital companies for clients. By doing so, we strive to make changes on different levels. On business level, new customers can be reached which in turn leads to an increase of strategic revenue in general and digital revenue specifically. On organizational level, the “commonly build here syndrome” is avoidable as we work closely with customers in the whole project lifetime, unlike integration processes of companies through M&A transactions.

Our impact thereby doesn’t stop at the launch of new startups. At GTD, we believe that the combination of corporation resources and the startup way of doing business creates values as well as competitive advantages. Therefore, we aim to change existing organizational structures with the Innovation as a Service approach by joining the best of both worlds.

It all begins with being open to change.

Innovation is the driver for growth – and growth is essential for a longterm success and continued existence of companies.

 Accept change.

 Envision the future.

 Challenge the status quo.

 Promote creative destruction.